#2 - Working with Textures in Illustrator by Lori Wemple

Minted Master: Lori Wemple


About Lori: When we first brought up the idea of Minted Master Class Tutorials we asked the community what they would like to learn and who they wanted to learn from. Immediately someone brought up the idea of asking Lori to show us how she uses textures to create incredible richness and depth in her illustrations... and the crowd went wild! We are truly thrilled to share with you today a tutorial that gives you a behind the scenes peek into Lori's process.


Lori put a ton of hard work into producing this video, going above and beyond our expectations and proving once again how wonderfully generous the members of the Minted Artist Community are about sharing their knowledge. We are so lucky to have Lori as a Mintie! If you aren't familiar with her work I encourage you to check out the collection in Lori's store, which includes some of my personal all time faves, like Sailor's Room, OMG, Hula Be Yours and Super Heroes. 

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In this Video: Lori demonstrates her mastery of adding richness and depth to designs through incorporating textures.

Part 1 - Creating Textures and Brushes with Image Trace

Part 2 - Patterns and Placed Images for Textures

Part 3 - Using Brushes as Texture

Part 4 - Working with Vector Textures

Part 5 - Using Opacity Masks with Textures

Part 6 - Using Image Trace Tool for Background Textures

Part 7 - Raster Texture Effects

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Are you a Minted Master? If you have a trick or two up your sleeve you're willing to share with the community, let us know at designers@minted.com!

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    Julie Green

    This is awesome. Thanks! I already knew how to do the technical things here but it's awesome seeing how Lori does it - what choices she makes, where the puts textures, how subtle she is with them, etc.

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