#1 - Making of "Around the World" by GeekInk

Minted Master: Eric Beckett of GeekInk


About Eric: Designers helping each other grow is at the heart of what makes the Minted community great. Eric is a perfect example of a designer who has both contributed to, and benefited from the learning opportunities available through Minted challenges. Eric's name is likely familiar to even the newest designers, given how often it has appeared recently at or near the top of the list of challenge winners. But he is as humble as he is talented! When we announced the 11-20th winners of this year's holiday challenge, Eric sent us a note to say that that he was over the moon about his 16th place win. Imagine how hard it was for us to keep the secret that he also had the #2 design!  We couldn't be more happy for him and his well earned victories.


You might be encouraged to know that Eric didn't start out with chart topping designs. He has worked his way up the rankings by learning and improving with each challenge. He gives a lot of credit to all of you for your help along the way. Eric has definitely done his part to give back with this incredible set of videos. 


- - - 
In this Video: Eric demonstrates Adobe Illustrator Skills through the "Making of" a design he submitted to the 'Tis the Season: Holiday Non-Photo Challenge. http://www.minted.com/product/holiday-cards/MIN-FV6-HNP/around-the-world


Part 1 - Basic Shapes


Part 2 - Adding and Manipulating Type



Part 3 - 3D Shading and Casting Shadows



Part 4 - Adding Texture



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    Amanda Ngur (Keen Peachy)

    This is really helpful! Thanks, Minted, and thanks, Eric!

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    Rio Grange

    Thank you!! Wow, I can be so much more efficient now with what I was able to learn!

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