What are Artist Roundtable Calls? When are they?


Because your feedback is so important to us, we're creating another way for artists to have a seat at Minted's table. In 2017, we're piloting a new program called Artist Roundtables. Roundtables are phone calls that will bring together a maximum of 10 artists and at least one Minted employee per call. Artist Roundtables will be quarterly (at minimum), in addition to our regular VoiceIt! and CMYK calls. We will often announce a topic for a Roundtable in advance, but some will have no set topic. 

1. Why are you calling these calls a pilot?

We want to make these calls as useful and effective as possible. Throughout the year, we’ll evaluate whether we’re meeting our intended goals with these calls. We’ll learn from this pilot, adjust, and iterate as we host our first set of calls.

2. What will be the topics for these calls?

As a business, we’re continuously testing new products, make changes to existing processes and products, and taking a rigorous approach to creating and evaluating our policies and procedures. Minted will use these calls to gather feedback and input from our community as we make important business decisions that impact our community.

We’ll also host a couple of open forum calls throughout the year. There will be no set agenda -- you pick the topics, share what’s on your mind, and we’ll listen and moderate.

3. Can we suggest topics for these calls?

Definitely! You can fill out this form to suggest topics throughout the year. Depending on internal capacity, we may not be able to address all submitted topics through these calls but we’ll take them all into consideration as we plan each call.  

4. How will you select the artists to invite to these calls?

We have a very diverse community of artists. We value diversity of experiences, opinions, and perspectives. For most calls, we’ll open up RSVPs to the entire community and randomly select participants, aiming to have a diverse representation of artists on each call. For other calls, we’ll actively reach out to artists who have expressed interest, demonstrated expertise, or represent the target audience for a specific topic. We ask that you only attend 1 call per year (but if we have open seats, we may open it to people who have already attended). Again, this is a pilot and we’d love to get your feedback on the selection process over time.

5. How frequent will these calls be? Will you only host one group call each time?

To begin, we’ll host at least one call per calendar quarter. At a minimum, we’ll have one group per call but depending on the need, we may choose to host multiple small groups per topic. As much as we’d like to host as many calls as possible, due to internal capacity, we will prioritize the topics based on urgency and business priorities.

6. What will you do with the artist feedback gathered from the calls?

We’ll take detailed notes during the calls and make them accessible to every Minted team that interfaces with the community. We may not be able to take immediate action on your feedback, but we will be sure to document and share it with Minted’s senior leadership and internal teams. When applicable, we’ll share what we’ve learned through these calls to the rest of the community.


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