How can I get to know other artists and designers?


More than anything, Minted is a platform for artists and designers to connect with each other and exchange feedback, inspiration, and resources. There are many ways to get to know other Minties. Here are a few of our top suggestions:

Comment, Critique, and Vote

It all starts with our challenges! The challenge process is a great way to get to know others. First, try commenting on a submission with critique or feedback. Say as much or as little as you like. Asking for feedback on your own submissions in turn is also a great way to get in touch with others. Her are some top tips for getting feedback. Once challenge submission closes, voting on submissions is a nice way to see other artists' work and profiles.

Join the Minted Facebook Group

Once you have submitted, you're invited to join the Minted Facebook group (click here for more information). This is the hub of community activity and allows you to connect with other artists on a more social, casual level.

Attend a Minted Meetup

We periodically hold get-togethers for Minted artists and designers (old and new!) to meet each other in person and chat about all things Minted, art, design, and more. Designers and artists often get to know each other very well online and even become friends, so these meetups allow them to finally meet in person and get to know other designs in their area. For newer artists, Minted Meetups provide an opportunity to get to know other Minted Community members and ask questions. 

You can find upcoming Mintie Meetups on our Event Calendar at and on our Facebook Events page.

Join a Minted Call

We host community-wide conference calls once a quarter called VoiceIt! Calls. This is a time for you to talk to the Minted team and other artists on the call about questions and feedback. We hope you'll call in! We put these calls on our Event Calendar at and announce them to the Community via email as well.

Reach Out on Your Own!

Feel free to reach out to other designers and artists by leaving a comment on their Minted Profiles or chatting with them in our Facebook group. Minted is all about community, so don't be shy - chances are they are wondering about how to get to know other people too or would be happy to share their insights and experience.

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