What is the Minted Community Facebook group?


The Minted Community Facebook Group is the hub of community activity. Facebook's many useful features make the group a great place for artists and designers to communicate and build relationships. This private group is your own space to socialize, share tips and tricks, ask questions and let everyone know when you have posted a poll or request for feedback on Minted.

Joining is easy, just follow the simple steps outlined here.

We encourage you to post most anything to the Minted Community Facebook Group, not just things related to Minted. Some of our favorite topics for posts include...

  • Anything and everything related to design, stationery, and art
  • Interesting articles or amazing work found around the web
  • Lists of your go to places (favorite design resources, best home décor shopping, inspiration to overcome a creative dry spell)
  • Questions, thoughts, or ideas about Minted
  • Nifty Adobe tricks (or cries for help!)
  • Personal victories (your first win, a new job, being featured on a blog).
  • Funny stories or amazing memes
  • Posts that start with “This might be a stupid question but…”
  • Posts that end with “My other friends wouldn’t get this, but I knew you guys would appreciate it!”

The Minted Community Facebook Group is primarily a place for designers to ask each other questions, but if you would like someone from Minted to weigh in, simply tag "Minted Artists" to make sure we see it.

Learn more about Facebook Groups here. 

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