What are Minted Meetups?


Minted Meetups are get-togethers for Minted artists and designers (old and new!) to meet each other in person and chat about all things Minted, art, design, and more. Designers and artists often get to know each other very well online and even become friends, so these meetups allow them to finally meet in person and get to know other designs in their area. For newer artists, Minted Meetups provide an opportunity to get to know other Minted Community members and ask questions. Meetups are generally organized by Minted, but Minted artists can also organize meetups on their own. If you'd like to host a meetup in your area, please fill out this form

You can find upcoming Minted Meetups on our Event Calendar at www.minted.com/contest and on our Facebook Events page. If you don't see a meetup listed, feel free to reach out to us at artists@minted.com.

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