What is the Leaderboard?


The Leaderboard (beta) is designed to give real-time feedback during challenges and show you an overview of certain challenge activities. The Leaderboard displays community activity during submission like viewing, liking, and commenting. The Leaderboard is dynamic and constantly updates based on your actions. It will uncover and celebrate different strengths, trends, and designers in our community, bringing more Minties to the surface. Check back daily (or let’s be serious, all the time if you just can’t help yourself)!

This feature is meant to be a fun and exciting way to view and interact with different designs across the current challenges. Even more than that it can help you discover new designs and the creative minds behind them. Here at Minted we’re not only inspired by great design, but we’re also passionate about fostering collaboration in the community. Through the Leaderboard we recognize active Minties like the most helpful commenters and active voters.

Scroll down to see Leaderboard statistics not only for current challenges, but even for the whole year!

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