How do you qualify for CMYK?


Minted’s culture is built around our community. We want to foster long-term relationships with our artists and help them learn, grow, build their brand name, and achieve financial gain. Minted is a meritocracy: we want to reward our most successful artists. Our programs are designed to recognize artists accomplishments with benefits and guarantees to build their career upon.

Qualification for the CMYK program is determined by evaluating sales and number of challenge wins during the previous calendar year.

Artists qualify for the Y and K levels of the program based on the percentage of total Minted revenue that they account for in each of our 4 key categories; Holiday, Wedding, Baby & Kids, and Art. The same group of artists qualify for Y and K, but those who want to be exclusive with Minted can select the Black level (K), which offers additional benefits.

The program year is the length of time members will receive benefits. The membership year for 2016 began 4/1/16 and goes through 3/31/17

All of the CMYK benefits are included here:

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