How do I know which fonts I can or can't use for non-editable text?


You may always use any typeface on the Minted Font List for any kind of text in a design. Many fonts that are not on the approved list may also be used for text that is not intended to be personalized by a customer. However, some foundries restrict how a font may be used in a way that prevents us from including it in a design, even when outlined or non-editable form. (For more information, please read the section on "non-editable text" in this article: What do I need to know about using fonts when designing for Minted?)

Please keep in mind that we rely on designers like you to surface interesting new fonts. You are encouraged to use fonts in your design submission that are not currently on the Minted Master Font List. We evaluate each font you use in your winning design, and if we don’t have a commercial license for it, we determine whether it make sense (and is possible) to purchase one. If not, we will notify you and suggest a replacement.

If the use of a specific font is key to your design, we recommend that you check with us before you invest a lot of time in creating artwork that does not allow a font to be replaced. Font licenses can be complex but we would be happy to help you find a font that we know is ok to use.

In all cases, licenses must be compatible with our workflow and business model. If a license has restrictions on the number of computer workstations used, or caps on the revenue earned or number of page views of the design, it is unlikely that we would be able to meet these requirements.

Specific language about usage varies from contract to contract, but below are a few examples of the kind of wording we might find in a EULA that would prevent us from being able to use a typeface:

  • Font Software "cannot be used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold."
  • "You may embed the licensed fonts in software or install them on a server provided that the end user cannot use the fonts to create something."
  • "All Use of the Font Software shall be pursuant to an End User Agreement which prohibits the distribution of an Embedded Document"
  • "All designs must be a flattened and rasterized file on a non-transparent background, such as a .jpg or .pdf, and include a watermark."

PLEASE NOTE: new fonts from the following foundries are impossible, very difficult, or prohibitively expensive to get the licensing we need for use on Minted.

  • Hoefler & Frere-Jones
  • Font Diner
  • Tart Workshop
  • Emily Lime
  • Great Lakes Lettering
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