What do I need to know about using fonts when designing for Minted?


We rely on you, our designers, to surface interesting new fonts. You are encouraged to use fonts in your design submission that are not currently on the Minted Master Font List . We evaluate each font you use in your winning design, and if we don’t have a commercial license for it, we determine whether it make sense (and is possible) to purchase one. If not, we will notify you and suggest a replacement.

Download the current Minted Font List PDF.

Minted licenses all the fonts that we use for print and online. We are not able to distribute fonts, so each artist must purchase his or her own.

If you have any questions about fonts or potential substitutions, drop us a note at designers@minted.com and our resident font expert will happily help you out.

Here is more information about the font licensing process at Minted:

As a growing creative company, it's very important for us to ensure we are in compliance with all font licensing requirements. We greatly admire and respect the designers who create fonts, and wish to only use their work in ways they have allowed.

Policies around fonts are complicated. Foundries set their own terms for how their font software may be used and individuals and companies who wish to use them must comply. Some allow fairly unrestricted use, while others explicitly forbid things like using a font on a product for sale, or when the text can be changed and previewed online.

Fonts in designs on Minted are used in two different ways and each requires different licensing. 

1) Editable Text

In all cases, for editable text such as names, dates, etc. we must have special licensing in order to allow customers to edit type within a design on our website. This licensing is called a server license. Our Minted Font List tells you which typefaces we currently have this licensing for. We are adding new fonts to this list on a weekly basis.

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2) Non-Editable Text

What you are allowed to do with text that is not editable varies greatly from foundry to foundry (and sometimes even between fonts from the same foundry!). When you submit your final files, we look at the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) for each and every font in the design to determine on a case by case basis if we are allowed to use it. Generally one of three things happens.

a) The standard EULA specifies that you as the designer are permitted to outline the font and give your design to us for use on a product for sale. Outcome: We publish your design (yay!) 

b) The standard EULA forbids the use of the font on products for sale and requires purchase of a separate Commercial License in order to be used on a product for sale. Outcome: If we are able to obtain the commercial license, we will do so on your behalf and publish the design. The factors that we take into consideration when deciding whether to pay for a commercial license are:

• The cost of the license

• Whether the font seems critical to the look & feel of the design

• The number of other designers who have requested the font

c) The foundry does not offer any type of license that would allow us to use the font in a product for sale. Outcome: we will need to contact you to ask you to rework the design without the use of that font.

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Although we are usually successful in getting the proper license, when foundries do not sell a license that would permit our use, or the prices they are charging for that license are prohibitively expensive, we may need to contact you to ask you to rework the design, or allow us to replace the font with a suggested typeface that preserves the look & feel. 

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