Can I use fonts outside of the Minted Fonts List if I outline them?


The short answer is – it depends.

The long answer is that if we can legally use a font in outline form, and your design uses it for non-editable text, we will always allow it. However, sometimes a foundry restricts how a font may be used in a way that prevents us from including it in a design, even in outline form. (For more information, please read the section on "non-editable text" in this article: What do I need to know about using fonts when designing for Minted?

The Minted team looks at the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) for each and every font in a design (editable or non-editable) to determine if we are allowed to use it. If we are unable to obtain the proper licensing needed to use a font, we may need to contact you to ask you to rework the design, or allow us to replace the font with a suggested typeface that preserves the look & feel.

NOTE: Live text is required for all editable text such as names, dates, etc. We ask that you DO NOT outline this text.

IMPORTANT: We ask that you carefully note all fonts that aren't currently on the Minted Font List when submitting your final files (there is a place for you to enter this in the crowd-launch process). Please also suggest an alternate font(s) that you would be comfortable with us using in case we are not able to obtain the proper license for you.

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