When will my winning piece be available on Minted.com?


Once you send in your final winning files, our small team gets to work preparing your files to launch on Minted.com. This process typically takes several weeks, but may take a few months depending on seasonality and how many other challenges they are trying to process. We prioritize working on launches largely based on seasonal deadlines (for example launching New Year's cards by New Year's) and on the order in which we received your files. Non-custom art prints will undergo a "lean QC" check and launch within 2 business days of you submitting your non-custom art files. At that point, we will either a) launch your print or b) let you know if your files have issues that need to be resolved (and next steps). Within 2 weeks of launch, we will complete the full spectrum of QC checks to double-check your files.

We always do our best to keep the community updated of our progress via announcements in community emails. 

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