How do I update my mailing address?


Your mailing address information is entered in your designer profile page and is where we send printed samples of eligible products once they become available for sale on Minted (more details here). We also use this information to reach out to you about artist events in your area. To access your designer profile page, hover over the image of a person in the upper right-hand corner of the navigation bar, then select "Artist Dashboard." 

Follow the simple steps below to update your mailing address...

  1. From your Artist Dashboard, click "Profile." 

  2. From your Designer Profile select "Edit Your Designer Profile."
  3. Under "Mailing Info" in the right-hand column, enter your new mailing address. 

When you're done, be sure to click "submit" at the bottom right. It also never hurts to shoot us a quick email to let us know about the change at

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