What is the artist signature and how do I prepare it?


The artist signature is the signature you would like to have appear on your artwork, which will be signed (using a signature machine) in pencil in the right hand corner of all limited edition prints below the artist image. Your artist signature will communicate your identity as a serious artist and should not use fonts or logos. This is a highly requested feature from our customers, who believe that artist signatures increase the value of the print. However, customers can opt out during purchase if they do not want a signature on their print. It can be quite different from the "hand-written name" we request for the top of your category page and your store, thus we are asking for a different file. 

Please note that you can only upload your artist signature file once. Changing it will create customer confusion in your artist identity.  As such, please double check your signature file before submission.

**If we do not have your Artist Signature on file, your full name will be signed in a standard font instead. We will also take into consideration which pieces have artist signatures in how we merchandise our pages going forward. ** 

You'll need to upload a file on a 100% transparent background. Please do not use a logo or a typeface.

How will the signatures appear on the pieces?

This is how the signature will look with a file you upload:  


If no signature file is uploaded, we will default to using a stock signature such as the example below:


How to create and upload your artist signature:

1. Write the signature that you would like to have appear on your artwork on a piece of paper in a black pen.  We ask that you use a black medium ballpoint pen (one with a ballpoint of approximately 1.0mm, and a line width of 0.4mm).  Please do not use a gel ink pen, or re-trace your signature as it’s important that the width of the signature is consistent throughout.


2. Scan your name. If you don't have a scanner, options like FedEx/Kinko outlets exist that have scanners you can use for a small fee.

3. Open your scanned file in Photoshop.

4. Go to: Select > Color Range…

5. Eyedrop the darkest part of your signature.

6. Set the Fuzziness bar to maximum (200).


7. Hit OK. This will make a selection of your signature.

8. Go to Layer > New > Layer Via Copy


9. Hide the layer that contains your original scanned image by clicking the eye icon next to the layer or going to Layer > Hide Layers.


10. Select the entire canvas by hitting command or control-A

11. Make the signature 100% black by going to Edit --> Fill. Select "BLACK" under the "Use:" menu, and (IMPORTANT!) check "Preserve Transparency." Hit OK.


12. Crop and/or resize the image to make it fit nicely within 415 x 120 pixels.

13. Save the image as a .PNG to retain transparency.

14. Upload the image by logging into your account, and going to http://www.minted.com/my-store/welcome

15. All done! Thank you!

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