What should I do if I'm not receiving Minted emails anymore?


How to ensure you receive Minted emails: 

  1. Add Minted Email Addresses to your Contacts - Please be sure to add Minted to your email address book or contacts, which designates us as a safe sender. Please add minted@email.minted.com, service@minted.com, designers@minted.com, and files@minted.com.
  2. Be Careful When Unsubscribing - For community-wide emails (like challenge and winners' announcements), we use the same email system as our Marketing Team. If you unsubscribe from a Minted customer email, you will also unsubscribe from community-wide emails.
  3. Emails Us if You Change Your Email - If you change the email address associated with your Minted.com account, please shoot us at email at designers@minted.com to let us know.


What to do if you are no longer receiving emails:

  1. Check Your Spam/Junk Folder - Our emails are sometimes filtered into Spam, so please be sure to check your Spam folder and let us out of there!
  2. Email Us at designers@minted.com - Please send us the following information so we can help resolve the issue as quickly as possible:
    • Have you already check your Spam/Junk folder?
    • When do you think you stopped receiving emails?
    • Which emails did you stop receiving? Automated emails like sales alerts and emails when somebody 'likes' your designs or Community-wide emails like challenge and winners' announcements?
    • Have you unsubscribed to any Minted community or customer emails before?
    • Did you recently change the email address associated with your Minted account?

We will get everything sorted out for you!

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