How do I crop and resize the images for my profile?


There are many ways to crop and resize images in Photoshop, but here is one quick way to make your profile images the right size.

In the screenshots in this example, we'll be resizing a photo for the Artist Overlay Cover Image to 1920px x 420px.

  1. Open your image in Photoshop or another photo editing program.
  2. Select the crop tool (the one that looks like this: resizing2.PNG ).


3. Select "Ratio" from the cropping drop-down menu. Then, put the final pixel dimensions into the boxes (in this example, 1920 and 420).


4. Size and position your image however you'd like in the cropping area and then hit the checkmark button (or press enter).


5. Go to Image --> Image Size. Under "pixel dimensions," enter the final width dimension you'd like (in this example, 1920). Because you've already made your image the correct aspect ratio, the height dimension should automatically change to the correct final size (in this example, 420). If it's not changing, make sure "Constrain Proportions" is checked. Hit OK.


6. You're done! Save your image as a .jpeg, .gif, or, or .png and upload it to your Profile Page.

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