What is a designer URL?


When you submit a design for the first time, you will be asked to fill out some information during the submission process, including your 'designer URL.' You don't need a website to set up a designer profile or submit a design. The 'designer URL' box lets you create the URL of your Minted designer profile. The designer URL your select will then become the direct URL for your designer profile. Be sure to pick one you like, because the URL can't be changed once it's created!

Simply enter in your desired name for your Minted designer profile (i.e. www.minted.com/designer/__(your designer name)___) so that you can submit your first design! If the site isn't letting you choose a certain URL, that means either that it’s already taken and you’ll have to choose another or that it includes an illegal character. Numbers and characters (like question marks, exclamation marks, ampersands, etc.) will not work in your URL.

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