Will I get additional prize payments for repurposed designs?


At times we may want designs to be reworked and placed in multiple categories to expand their opportunity to sell, which benefits both Minted and the designer. It is our policy to not pay more than one prize payment on the same design, unless the category the design is being repurposed in offers a higher prize payment for an Editor's Pick.

For example, if a design was selected as an Editor's Pick in a Save the Date Challenge the prize payment would be $150. If we request to repurpose it as a Wedding Invitation where the prize payment for an Editor's Pick is $200, we would offer an additional $50 for the repurpose. If the repurposed category offers the same prize payment for an Editor's Pick, there will be no additional prize payment. You can reference the breakdown of the prize payment amount in the submission kit for each individual challenge. You will, of course, still receive commissions on ongoing net sales for all originals and repurposes.

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