How do I receive my prize payment?


All prize payments are paid via PayPal for both domestic and international designers. PayPal is the quickest, simplest payment method and there are no associated fees on your end. In order to receive your prize payment on time, please be sure to fill out your W9 (for US artists), your address, and your PayPal ID in your Minted profile. (More info here). 

Quarterly commission payments of commissions on net sales of your product are processed separately. More info here.

If you signed up for direct deposit prior to July 2013, your prize payments will be sent via direct deposit. 

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    Alison Jerry


    I am struggling with challenge payments being recieved and within the 90 day period. I have sent nurmerous emails to call attention to this matter. It takes over 1-2 weeks to get a response.

    I did finally recieve payment for 1 but not for my 2nd win due on Nov.23. Where can I track my payments in my store or my account? Is there a system to show what each of us recieve per challenge win? I feel I should be able to log in to my account/store and see ALL my payment information. The designers are so busy that we should be able to have an accounts payble team member to speak to directly without all these back and forth emails.

    Please advise and please let me know that I will be paid for my challenge win called "Scattered Nature" as of today.

    Many thanks,




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