How do I start a Design Poll?


To start a Design Poll, just follow these steps:

  1. Submit a design, then go to your design’s page.
  2. Under your design, click the green “create a poll” button.
  3. You can then upload up to 4 alternative images or versions of your design. 
  4. Click the green “start poll” button. Others can now see the poll when they view your design and will be able to vote by clicking on the version they prefer. While voting, they’ll be prompted to leave a comment if they choose. 
  5. You can watch the results as they come in. After someone votes, they’ll be able to see the results so far.
  6. When you’ve gotten the input you need, click “end poll.”
  7. You can then replace your current design with one of the options you put in the poll, go back to your previous version, or upload a new design altogether.

Note: Be sure to close your polls before voting opens. If your poll is still open, it will revert back to the last submitted design.

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