How can I get feedback on my work from other artists?


Here are our top tips for getting great feedback...


1. Ask for it!


The very best way to ask for feedback is to request it on your submission's page, which you can do with just a couple clicks. After you submit, a banner will appear with an Ask for Feedback Button you can click to request feedback. The button is also located above every submission currently in the submission stage. You’ll be prompted to ask the community a question about your piece. You can delete your feedback request or edit it to ask a new question at any time. Request early for best results!  

Pro tip - BE SPECIFIC! Designs that include direct questions generate many more responses than designs that say "feedback welcome", or "how can I improve this?". Hone in on those details you’ve been agonizing over! Focusing on one element of the design at a time (like color, typography, layout, etc) makes it much easier for others to give you feedback. 

Pro tip - Don't hide your design When you submit a design, you are given the option to "hide" your design during the critique phase. Make sure not to check this box if you'd like to receive feedback from other artists!


2.  Start a Design Poll


The Design Poll allows you to upload up to four different versions of your design, and poll others in the community to get feedback and rate your different versions. You'll receive the feedback below your design in the Comments section. The feature is designed specially to allow community members to quickly and easily help each other make design decisions. See "How do I start a Design Poll?" to get going!

Note: Be sure to close your polls before voting opens. If your poll is still open, it will revert back to the last submitted design.


3.  Give Feedback


Don't forget to give back! Each open challenge currently has a "polls & feedback" section at the top of the challenge home, with rotating designs waiting for feedback. Click the “give feedback” button on the challenge home or from your artist dashboard, and you’ll be taken directly to a submission currently awaiting community input. To see designs that are polling in a challenge, click on the "help decide" button on the design challenge home. Other artists will appreciate your thoughts and very often reciprocate by leaving you feedback on your work as well, so don't be shy! Our community is very supportive and welcoming. 

We also provide Critique Awards and reward the top five artists who receive the most “Constructive” votes by the time submission closes with $50 in Minted credit. Each Challenge Home has a “Most Constructive” leaderboard, where we track the community members who have received the the most “Constructive” votes for their critiques.

Pro tip - Read 10 Tips for Critiquing Minted Art and Designs on Julep. This article includes insights from the community.

Read 7 Ways to Master Art and Design Critiques, which includes expert advice from a Parsons School of Design professor.


4.  Join the Minted Facebook Group

The Minted Community Facebook Group has replaced the forum as the hub of community activity. Facebook's many useful features make the group a great place for artists  to communicate and build relationships. One great aspect of the group is that each challenge has a thread where designers post links to polls and requests for feedback on Minted. Posting here gives these designs a lot more traffic than they might otherwise get and is a fun way to track who is working on what! If you are already in the group, check out this thread of advice for getting (and giving) better feedback, and you'll be a critiquing pro in no time.


5. Reach out

Don't be afraid to ask other designers directly. Minties are really a wonderful and caring bunch and we think you will find reaching out to someone that you admire for feedback is pretty effective! For best results, be sure the person you are trying to connect with is actively submitting to the current challenge. If a designer is sitting one out, it's likely because they are a bit busy at the moment!


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