What are the benefits of working with Minted?


Here are some of the top reasons designers and artists tell us they like working with Minted...

  • You can earn revenue on your work without the worry of expense or the hassle of printing, fulfillment, customer service or marketing.
  • Minted pays you a 6% commission on stationery designs (two to three times what competitive companies pay) and a 10% commission on sales of winning art.
  • Minted is a meritocracy—anyone can enter, and anyone can win, based on votes.
  • Every accepted design receives an upfront prize payment. This money is yours to keep, not an advance or a guarantee, which means you begin earning commissions on your very first sale. 
  • Minted is committed to helping designers and artists build their brands.  Your work will always be credited as having been designed by you.  We also link to your personal website from your designer profile page, so fans of your work can easily find you.
  • Minted is a great place for market research.  We report back to you on how your designs did in voting and help you track your sales and year over year performance through personalized transaction reports. 
  • Minted is first and foremost a design community.  Minted artists are incredibly supportive and helpful and always willing to help a fellow Mintie with design feedback, resource recommendations, or Adobe tips and tricks. The main social hub of the community is the Minted Facebook Group. Learn more about the group here.






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