Who owns the artwork on Minted?



Art Prints:  Artists retain the rights to winning art prints that were submitted in or after July 2014, and Minted has an exclusive license on these prints. Prints submitted before July 2014 are owned by Minted.

Stationery: For all other categories, such as stationery and party decor, Minted owns the rights to designs. Owning the rights allows us to provide opportunities to more designers than any other online stationery company.

The reason that Minted maintains exclusivity on all winning pieces (via a license in art and ownership in other categories) is that Minted awards cash prizes upfront, with no guarantee that the piece will sell. This means that Minted takes great financial risk, but it allows us to bring designers and artists into the marketplace who could not otherwise do so on their own. We invest in the prize money and in the time required to publish a piece to the site, so in return, we must ensure that the product is available exclusively on Minted.


You retain the rights to all work you self-launch in your store that you mark as non-exclusive to Minted. If you self-launch art and you mark it as exclusive to Minted we will have the licensing rights to that work. 

We try our very best to be generous and fair to artists in everything we do. We return all rights to submissions that were not selected 90 days after each challenge end (our Trial Period). Every artist earns a commission (or royalty) on winning designs and art that is substantially higher than what is paid by competitive companies (10% for art prints, 8% for digital invitations, and 6% for all other products).  We also provide an upfront prize payment for each accepted piece

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