What is the typical timeline for a challenge?


The timeline for a challenge, from submitting a design to launching it for sale on Minted.com, can vary depending on the size, type, and seasonality of the challenge. We break the timeline down into 4 periods:

  1. Submission: For a quickfire challenge, the submissions period could be less than one week. For all other challenges, submission typically remains open for roughly 2-5 weeks. 
  2. Voting: Voting typically begins on the same day as submission closes (within a few hours afterwards). The voting period then generally lasts about 1-4 weeks, but can also last only a few days. So be sure to read our emails where we announce the voting deadline for each challenge! 
  3. Announcing winners: We aim to announce top picks within the next few weeks following the end of voting. It may take several weeks to a month to determine special prize winners and editor's picks - a lot of careful thought and deliberation goes into those decisions! 
  4. File submission and launch: We typically request files a couple days to weeks after announcing winners. We generally ask for files back at least 2 weekends after we send the request, but sometimes do need to shorten the timeline to make your work available sooner! Once we receive your files, your design will launch on our site within a few weeks to months, depending on how busy our small team is.
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