What are 'Office Hours for New Artists'?


Every week, at least one member of the Artist Relations team holds 'New Artist Office Hours' using the chat feature in the designer forum. This is a time for new artists to ask all the questions they have but are too afraid to ask anywhere else. Have a question about how Minted works? Confused by something on Minted? New Artist Office Hours is the place for you!

Note that regular Weekly Office Hours happens right after New Artist Office Hours every Friday at 11am PT. That is the place to ask about payments, when challenges will open or close, and anything else you may be curios about. New Artist Office Hours is a place for new artists to ask basic questions about how Minted works.  

New Artist Office Hours are currently on Fridays from 10am-11:00pm PT. We also announce them in our Events Calendar at www.minted.com/contest

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