Who should I contact with questions?


General Contact:

Feel free to email us any time at artists@minted.com. We answer emails during business hours (9am-6pm PT) Monday-Friday. This email goes to your friendly Artist Relations team -- we're here for you to help out with anything we can! That includes:

  • Any and every question you may have about being a Minted Artist - our community, our challenges, payment, events, our website, etc. 

We also accept bad jokes and funny videos! When in doubt, always email artists@minted.com and we will be sure to refer you to the right place. 


Specific Questions or Errors Related to one of your designs that is or will be for sale on the Minted site:

If you see an error with one of your designs that is up on the site or if you think your design should already be up for sale, but is not yet, feel free to email designbugs@minted.com. This email should only be used for:

  • Problems related to how your own designs appear on the site (i.e. errors in the design file or on your product page). 
  • Your missing designs that you think should already be up for sale, but are not.
  • Please include a link to the design in question and attach images that help illustrate the issue. 

If you see an error related to an art piece, or any of the above, please email files@minted.com


Other Points of Contact:

When you have a winning design, you will receive a file request from files@minted.com. If you have a question about that specific file request, feel free to send a reply to your request email to ask that team. 

You are also welcome to ask the community a question though the Minted Community Facebook Group. More info about the Facebook group can be found in articles here.

Should you receive an email from a Minted customer (crazy, but it happens!) please direct them to contact help@minted.com.

 Talk to you soon!


PLEASE NOTE: While the Minted Customer Service team are experts at helping our customers, they rarely have the answers when it comes to community questions. Please do not try to contact us through the email or phone numbers found on the Minted site. Emails to help@minted should eventually find us, but it may take a few days! Artist Relations is a small team, and even though we would really love to chat with you, we are currently unable to offer assistance by phone.

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