How do I launch home decor items to my Artist Store?


If you have a Minted Artist Store, log into and go here: Artist Dashboard > My Profile > My Projects > Launch a New Product > Self-Launch Fabric and Corresponding Home Decor Items.

All home decor items will be automatically created and added to your artist Store whenever you launch a new project to submit a self-launch fabric file. Before submitting your self-launch fabric file, you should download the Fabric Self-Launch Guide and the Fabric .ai template here.

For a seamless submission, keep these considerations in mind as you’re creating your fabric file:

  • Design your fabric file for pattern repeatability. Larger home decor items will require tiling your fabric pattern, so you want to make sure that the design looks cohesive when this happens.  Watch this instructional video: How to Create Repeating Patterns in Illustrator.

  • Be careful not to add borders to your fabric file. When fabric files are tiled for larger home decor items, borders will add disruptive, unintentional lines to your design.

Once you submit your fabric file, our quality team will review and approve your submission. Then you simply need to review and approve the home decor products created from your original fabric file. After this, the all of the items will be added to your artist Store and will be shoppable.

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