How do I make sure my fabric can be printed in multiple yards?


The length of a fabric measured as it comes off a roll is called the vertical repeat. You may set up your pattern to repeat as many or as few times as you like within in the yard, HOWEVER it is very important that you make certain that the top of your artboard will match up and repeat seamlessly with the artwork at the bottom of your artboard.  This way if a customer orders 2 or more yards, the pattern will continue.

 One way to do this is to decide how many times you want to repeat within 1 yard and size the height of your art to match. For example, if I decide I want to repeat seven times in one yard, I divide 36” (the # of inches in a yard) by 8 and know to make my art 4.5”. If I want to repeat two times, I'll make my art 18” tall. You can also choose to use the entire 36” without repeating, as long as 1 yard will flow seamlessly into the next.

 Here is a handy chart for you to use…



Once you are done designing we recommend you do a few checks.

  1. Copy your Full Repeated Pattern and Edit>Paste in Place (shift command V). In the Transform Palette type “+36 “ after the number in the Y coordinate. Your pattern should match up perfectly between the original artwork and the pasted art.
  2. Open the print dialog. Print one page with “do not scale” selected next to Scaling. Check that this is how your want your pattern to look in real life.
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