Why do winning art prints take longer to publish than self-launched prints?


Challenge Winners

Winning art prints are selected by Minted and shown to our customers in our highly-curated collection. The "winner" laurels below each challenge winner designate that status for the customer. Customers trust Minted for taste and quality, as we have promised to give them a superior product. So all challenge winners go through our internal Quality Control Process. Our team carefully checks all winning prints before they are launched to the site. We often see issues with pixelation, color, blurriness, and poor scanning that you may not catch yourself. If there is an issue, our Quality Control team works with artists individually to resolve them.

We are a small team here, so it can take some time to carefully test and launch all our winning art. We do our best to launch challenges in order, but high priority launches (such as those around specific holidays or press features) can sometimes delay the launch of art prints. Rest assured that your challenge winning art prints will print at their absolute best for our customers!

Self-Launched Art

Self-launched art prints do not go through Minted Quality Control at all. As a result, we don't speak for the quality of those prints. Because Minted is not involved with either the content or quality of your self-launched pieces, you have the freedom to self-launch art to your Store on your own timeline. For most store owners, that artwork will only show up on their individual stores. For more information, read about the differences between challenge winners and self-launched pieces here.

Within the Art Marketplace, we plan to make the designation between challenge winners and self-launched pieces even more prominent to the customer over time.

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