How Can I Curate My Store?


How do I curate the products customers see when first they visit my Store?

You can curate your Store Home, which is the first thing customers see when they visit your Store, by accessing your Stores merchandising tools. To do so, log in with your artist account, visit your Artist Dashboard, and click “Manage My Store” under the “My Store” dropdown button.

Your Store Home contains all of your products available for sale on Minted. You can feature up to 12 products at the top of your Store. The rest of your products will be shown at the bottom of your Store Home under “Other Products.”

You can also change the title of your “Featured Products” to something more descriptive. For example, Rachel from Alethea and Ruth chose to feature products inspired by “Painterly Brush Strokes.”


Artists with Stores before October 2015

If you had a Store prior to October 2015, your eight most recently winning products and four self-launch products were automatically added to the featured products row in your Store. If you did not have eight winning products and four self-launch products in late September 2015, we simply show what you did have at that time.

For example, we may show two winning products followed by two self-launch products if that is your complete Minted assortment. If you have 12 winning products and no self-launch products, we’ll show eight winning products. 

Products shown under “Other Products” on your Store Home were automatically sorted by the date they launched on Minted. With merchandising tools, you can now curate these products however you like.

How do I add new products to my Store?

When you self-launch products or the Minted production team launches products to, products will be automatically added to your Store. In some situations, it may take up to a week for products to appear in your Store, so please be patient.

Since you can actively curate your Store and choose the order in which products are displayed, you may want to change the Store setting so newly launched products are added to the back of your Store home. This ensures you have the proper time to curate your products to make them look great for your customers. 

Why are there sections in my Store?

If you had a Store prior to October 2015, Minted automatically created default sections based on the product kinds you had available for sale.

There are many things you can do with these custom sections:

  • Rename the section

  • Hide the section from consumers

  • Permanently delete the section

  • Add or remove products from the section

  • Change the order in which products are displayed in the section

Can I create my own section?

You can create your own section from the Sections page in your merchandising tools.


You can also change the order in which sections are displayed to your customers. Customers always see your sections in a navigation bar at the top of your Store.

What are hidden sections?

On the sections Sections page, you can choose to hide a section.

You can have up to 10 active sections that are displayed to your customers at any point in time.

Hidden sections can be useful if you want to save a seasonal assortment for next year. For example, if it’s February 15, you may want to hide your “Valentine’s Day” section for next year.

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