What is new in Minted Artist Stores (as of the September 2015 redesign)


Merchandise your Store

You can now fully curate your Store:

  • Show “Featured Products,” which are some of the first products consumers will see when they visit your Store.

  • Create custom sections and control which products live in each section.

  • Mix and match products by changing the order in which they’re displayed in your Store.

Four columns of products displayed

Minted Artist Stores now includes a user interface that showcases four products per row. All products are the same dimensions as the previous version of Stores, so consumers can view large pictures of your products when they’re shopping. We’ve also made the distinction between challenge-winning and self-launch products more apparent to consumers. Challenge-winning products include “Winner” laurels beneath the product images. This will help educate consumers that challenge-winning products are the outcome of Minted’s design challenges and voting process.

Learn more about how you can curate your own custom sections right here.

About Yourself photos and carousel

There is now more space for you to communicate your personal brand to consumers. You’re able to upload up to five 1420 x 640 pixels photos that will be shown to consumers in a rotating carousel.


Read artist Melanie Severin’s photography advice in “Minted’s 7 Tips for Creating a Unique Artist Brand” on the Julep blog. For additional details, see “Where can I go to upload my About Yourself Photos?”

Promotion bar to increase sales

We’ve added a global promotion bar that the Minted Merchandising team will manage. The promotion bar will feature promotional offers and discounts for consumers.

Minted is committed to sending traffic to your Store. Whenever consumers click on an artist's name (see the Minted homepage for an example), they’ll see that artist’s Store in a pop-up overlay, which we call the “artist overlay.”  

Since Minted is directing customers to your Store, we believe this promotion bar will help increase sales conversion in your Store.

Where can I go to upload my About Yourself Photos?

You can visit minted.com/my-store/welcome to upload up to five About Yourself photos. Please remember these photos must be 1420 pixels x 640 pixels, at 72 dpi.

If you’d like to make changes to the personal website displayed on your Store, you can update this information in your Designer Profile. Then click Edit Your Designer Profile.






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