If I can self-launch, why should I keep participating in challenges?


Challenges are at the heart of the Minted experience. They are a unique, wonderful way to get feedback on your work from other artists and to gauge customer trends. Here's why you should continue to participate in challenges:

  • Higher Commission: Challenge-winning art prints earn a higher commission than self-launched art prints
  • Prize Payments: As a challenge winner, you earn a prize payment. Self-launched pieces are not selected by Minted, so they do not receive an upfront payment.
  • Visibility to Customers: Challenge-winning art prints all show up on our main shopping pages. Most self-launched pieces show up only on individual stores. Those self-launched pieces that do show up in the main shopping pages are generally featured less prominently than challenge winners. (See here for info on which self-launched pieces show up on our main shopping pages.) 
  • Ability to Launch to our Art Marketplace: Our Editorial Team selects artists to have their self-launched pieces show up in shopping pages mostly by monitoring their strength in challenges. By participating and excelling in challenges, you may be selected to have your self-launched pieces show up in our Art Marketplace.
  • The Minted Brand Behind You: Customers can tell which pieces won in a challenge by the "winner" laurels next to each piece. Self-launched pieces do not have that designation. Customers know that Minted vouches for the content and quality of winning pieces. We are thrilled to be able to unlock you to self-launch pieces using the Minted platform, but challenge winners will continue to be highlighted in our curated, branded collection.
  • You must participate in challenges in order to maintain your right to self-launch: Since challenges are so core to Minted and our Artist Community, active participation in challenges (submitting to at least three challenges every 12 months) is required in order to maintain the ability to self-launch. If you stop participating, you will lose the ability to self-launch pieces through your store.


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