What does "beta" period mean for stores?


"Beta" means that the first version a feature is complete, but that that first version is still in testing. When we say that stores are in "beta" we mean that we are testing out our newest version of stores. We do not yet know how artists, designers, and customers will react to and interact with stores. So "beta" means that once we see how you use storefronts, we may change features and policies accordingly.

For one year Minted Artist Stores will be in a "beta" period (beta has been extended through the end of 2015). This means that we will be experimenting to see what works for our customers and our sellers. During this first year, we will be suspending all listing fees and showing some self-launched art on our art category pages along with the competition winners. Take advantage of this beta period! After this first year, we will evaluate what our customers want in terms of breadth of selection and decide whether to limit how much art is shown in our category pages versus only on sellers’ storefronts.

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