How will Minted customers find my Store and my self-launched work?


Customers can find your Store a few ways:

  1. Every time a customer clicks on your name in the customer/shopping area of the Minted site (e.g. next to every design or art print for sale), they are sent directly to your Store. You should definitely customize your Store to fit your brand, as customers are clicking on your name to learn more about you and shop more of your work! 
  2. Your self-launch products will also come up when customers use the search box on Minted. We encourage you to take an extra minute to be extra thorough and careful in tagging during the self-launch process. Please also keep in mind that very general tags like "abstract" or “modern” are used very frequently, and will produce large numbers of results. Try to think about what really makes your work unique and tag accordingly.
  3. Customers are also directed to your Store when they search for your Minted Artist Name on Minted or in search engines. 
  4. We also encourage you to send your own customers to your Store. They can see and order your work, while Minted takes care of all printing, shipping, and customer service. Learn more here: How do I let people know about my store?

For the majority of Store owners, your self-launched work appears only on your own Store. Your Store is your own space to launch whatever you like outside of our challenges. Some select artists can launch work that appears in our Art and Fabric Marketplaces - learn more here: Whose self-launched pieces show up on main shopping pages?

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