What is the benefit of making my self launched art exclusive to Minted?


If you opt-in to having your piece be exclusive to Minted, then your print will be eligible to be featured in our marketing campaigns (on site, in catalogs, in PR placements, etc.). We also take exclusivity into account in deciding which pieces appear most prominently in our assortment. That being said, we also look at self-launched pieces that have been uploaded as non-exclusive. If we find a non-exclusive piece we would like to include in our promotional efforts we will reach out to you and ask if you can make it exclusive to Minted. 

Important to know: If you opt-in to exclusivity for any given piece, this means you cannot use or sell that piece outside of Minted. It is essential that customers are able to purchase all work featured in Minted marketing on our site, and that we are only promoting work that can't be found anywhere else. For this reason, once a piece is made exclusive, you won't be able to remove it from your store or decide to later make it non-exclusive.

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