How do I use the Custom Self-Launch tool?


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What is Custom Self-Launch?

A true innovation in crowdsourcing technology, the Minted Custom Self-Launch tool empowers artists to launch their challenge-winning designs faster and retain more creative control over merchandising decisions. In late summer/fall 2016, artists also can use the tool to self-launch non-challenge–winning and retired designs to their Minted Artist Stores.

We created Custom Self-Launch based on community requests for a speedy product launch process.


How does Custom Self-Launch work?




What are the different layers I need to use?


Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.18.23 PM.png

  • FOIL: If your design is part of our foil-pressed assortment, place foil-pressed elements on this layer. These elements will be pressed last on top of all digital elements.
  • Alternate Greetings: Used only in our non-foil Holiday Assortment, we offer 4 greetings; Holiday, Christmas, New Year and Religious Christian. Please place each greeting in the appropriate group within the alternate greeting layer.
  • Text: Place editable text on this layer.
  • Movable: Place elements here that you would like to be movable by the customer. Elements grouped together will be one movable object.
  • Foreground: Place artwork here if it should be positioned on top of any customizable photos and below customizable text. This includes textures or gradients.
  • Photo: Place all customer editable photos on this layer.
  • Background: Place all non-editable artwork on this layer. This should sit beneath editable content like text and photos.
  • Guides: Guides help you position artwork at a safe distance from the edge of the card or indicate where logos will be placed. Please leave locked and do not edit elements on this layer.


What elements do I need to embed or link, and how do I do that?

Any artwork that wasn’t created within your illustrator file will need to be embedded. Examples include placed images like stock photos, texture images.


What fonts are approved to use? What if a font I used isn't on the approved list?

Please review the Minted Font list here.

We highly encourage our community members to surface new and exciting fonts to add to our Minted Font Library. However, we can’t always guarantee we will receive licensing to use it. If you are using a font in your design that is not on our Minted Master Font List, it’s helpful to place an outlined version off the artboard. That way, if the text is non-customizable and we acquire the rights to use it outlined, we won’t need you to re-submit files to us later on. To learn more about using fonts, check out our Minted & Non-Minted Fonts Tutorial video.

Note: It is also helpful to include a possible substitute from our Minted Font List if we cannot acquire licensing. Include this in the comments on your Font Info page when uploading files!


How do I format my foil elements?

It’s important to remember that foil elements cannot be customized or moved, and are printed last on top of all digital elements. During the foiling process, it’s possible these elements can shift up to 1/16th of an inch, so ensuring your design will still look nice while keeping this in mind is essential! When designing for foil-pressed cards, make sure foil elements are at least 1 pt in thickness and thin borders are avoided. If we see potential registration issues, we may have to adjust your design on our end prior to launch


Where do I go to start my project?

 If you have an open file request you will have received an email with a link to your “My Projects” page.

To get to your “My Projects” page you can click on the link in the file request email or use this link to go directly to the page,

There you will see a section for file requests and a link to get started on each of your projects.

How do I access high-resolution photos?

High resolution stock photos are stored in folders on dropbox. Separate photo kits exist for each contest. Please use the correct photo kit for your product category/contest.

Making Spirits Bright Holiday Photo Card Challenge


What if I have questions?




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