Will Minted make changes to my final files before publishing?


Whenever possible, we always aim to preserve the integrity of your original design.  However, there may be times that we need to make edits in order to optimize your design for maximum appeal and sales potential. In most cases, if any major design changes are needed, we will notify you ahead of time and ensure you approve the changes.

Most common reasons we may alter a design:

• If we cannot obtain the appropriate license for a font you have used in your design, we may need to contact you and ask you to rework the design, or we may suggest a replacement typeface that preserves the look & feel. Remember, we look to the community to help us find fresh new fonts, and we purchase new fonts on a weekly basis based on your recommendations!
• We typically swap photos as we license new images from our affiliate photographers. This keeps our assortments varied and fresh.
• We may slightly alter colors to differentiate colorways from one another or to fulfill a specific gender gap.
• We may modify color builds to ensure the best possible printing results (changing 100% black to rich black, for example)
• We may need to remove subtle or distressed texture treatments that do not translate well in print and cause customers to believe stem from print quality issues.
• We generally prefer to use gender-neutral names for birth announcements and will change girl or boy names accordingly.
• We may adjust names or copy so that it is more suitable for a specific product category or more appealing to a target demographic.
• We may remove or adjust the width of a border used in a design that is too close to the trim, thereby reducing potential cutting errors.
• We may optimize the title of your design for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Learn more here.


Read Olivia Goree's advice in her Julep post "Top 10 File Prep Tips for Minted Artists."

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