How can I track my sales?



You'll receive an automated email every time your piece is sold. Keep in mind, emails will give you the highest order volume because they don’t account for any adjustments made post-order (e.g., cancellations, returns, etc.)

Artist Dashboard

There are 3 sales reports on your Minted Profile : Sales Overview (bar graphs), Sales by Product, and Sales by Geography. These are real-time reports that update if changes are made to an order. 

To access your My Reports: 

  • Log in to your Minted Profile
  • Click "My Reports" in the upper-right hand corner
  • You can review your sales by product, by month, and by week
  • Be sure to explore the various tabs along the top to see more information about where your customers are (Sales by Geography) and how your sales compare to your challenge scores (Sales & Scores by Product).

Your 3 sale reports may show less order volume than email notifications, since they account for customer cancellations. While they will not match 100%, these reports will  more closely match your commission report order volume. 

Commission Reports

We email quarterly digital PDF commission reports to all artist to give you visibility into every order. This includes each itemized order, what product was purchased, purchase date, commission rate, and commission amount. We want to give you as much visibility as possible into your sales. Quarterly commission reports include all adjustments (e.g., internal orders, promotions, etc.) and are the accurate representation of an artist’s orders and sales. This means that you may have fewer total orders in a commission report as compared to email notifications or the artist dashboard reports.


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    Celia Freire


    The available sales reports only show sales for the week, the month and a comparison with the previous year however I would like to see the sales of previous months, where can I find this information?

    A second question I have is when I will receive the commission of the sales.
    Thank you!

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