Will I receive an itemized report of my commission payment?


Yes! We email quarterly digital PDF commission reports to all designers to give you visibility into every order. This includes each itemized order, what product was purchased, purchase date, commission rate, and commission amount. We want to give you as much visibility as possible into your sales. Please be sure your Minted email is up to date, as all reports are sent via email only. 

When you receive your commission report, note that actual transaction dates may differ from those listed on your Transaction Report by two or three days. Your commission report also includes orders that totaled $0 (due to promotional gifts for press, samples, internal test orders, etc.). These will appear as  "$ -" when you receive your commission report. 

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    Alston Wise

    Would it be possible to also receive an itemized list of prize payments? When we were sent checks is was easy to keep track of which payments had gone out, but now with direct deposit, there isn't a way to know what the deposit is for. Or if there is a way (I haven't been able to find anything under "my design studio") would you please post? Thanks!

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    Artist Relations Team at Minted

    Hi Alston! Unfortunately there is no way for us to include any additional info with a direct deposit because they are delivered through your bank. The best way for you to get more information on your prize payments would be to sign up for PayPal (which does let us include more information). It's easy! Instructions here... https://minteddesign.zendesk.com/entries/62715918-How-do-I-sign-up-to-be-paid-via-PayPal-

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