Does Minted ever retire or discontinue designs?


Yes, we do periodically review our existing assortments to make sure we are keeping them fresh and new. This review usually happens around the time that we are preparing to launch new designs in a given category. During the process, the team looks at past sales for each design and may decide to retire designs from our collection. When we retire a design, we will send you a notification via email. 

We review designs on a per-category basis, so it is possible that designs retired from one category still exist in another on the site. For example, keep in mind that Christmas Photo Cards are a different category from Holiday Photo Cards, so a retirement in one does not mean a retirement in both.

We retain the rights to retired designs (or retain the exclusive license for art prints) because we make an upfront prize payment to buy the design, without any guarantee that the design will sell at all. This means that Minted takes great financial risk, but it allows us to bring designers and artists into the marketplace who could not otherwise do so on their own. We invest in the prize money and in the time required to publish a piece to the site, so in return, we must ensure that the product is available exclusively on Minted both when it is launched and in the future should the design come out of retirement. We are now actively exploring other avenues to monetize retired designs. For example, we are considering selling retired designs as digital designs on Minted as well as possibly through other retail partners, thereby earning more commissions for our designers.

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