Why has the Challenge submission form been updated?


In April 2017, we updated our submission page to gather more information about artwork used in submissions. We are now gathering information for designs that include original illustrations and/or third-party assets. We describe the purpose of each check box below.



1. Check Box 1: My work includes stock images that I obtained from a third party, and I have a valid license for this. (FYI, this will not penalize your work in the Minted competition.)

Check this box if you have used third-party artwork or graphics to create your design submission. It’s important for Minted to know when third-party assets are being used so that we can ensure that they are used in a manner that adheres to Minted’s terms and that the proper license has been obtained if your work is selected as a winning entry. As stated above, this will not have any negative bearing on your submission to the Challenge, and is purely for informational purposes. This information will not be made public during the voting phase of the Challenge.

If you check this box, you’ll see a new field open up that allows you to link up to five external sources of elements that you’ve used in your design. The links that you input should be working URLs to the page on which the assets are displayed/sold by the original artist. Please note that we do not accept submissions containing third-party assets to fine art Challenges.

2. Check Box 2: My submission is my own original work and doesn’t borrow from the work of others, in whole or in part, except for stock images as mentioned above.

Check this box to indicate that you created your submission yourself, and that it does not copy or borrow from other designers’ work, except in the case of incorporating stock images according to Minted’s terms, as you would have indicated above.

3. Check Box 3: My submission includes an original illustration, painting, hand-lettering, or other design element that I created that is the key to making this design special - it delivers more than 50% of the impact of this submission.

Use this box to indicate whether your design incorporates your own original artwork in a way that is central to your design. This field is meant to provide Minted with information on which designs are submitted by artists utilizing their original illustrated artwork in a way that comprises the majority of the design’s impact. We acknowledge that creating original illustrations takes a considerable amount of time and effort, and want to know when artists have submitted designs with hand drawn elements created specifically for the Challenge.






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