Can I use stock images or third-party assets in my designs?


Royalty-free third-party art is permitted in Stationery Design Challenges, but only as long as the source specifies that you are granted a license which permits Minted to reproduce and distribute for sale such third-party art, without payment of any royalty by Minted or any other limitations to use the art for reproduction items for resale.

All key elements of the Design must have been created by you from stock images in a unique new way that reimagines those stock images, or created by you, and have not been licensed from or to any third parties. (For a complete sample of stationery Challenge terms, please click here).

We understand that creative processes are diverse. We ask artists and designers to keep in mind that Minted is all about fresh, new design that you can’t find anywhere else. When evaluating designs that incorporate third-party assets, Minted will lean toward usage that is unique and imaginative, resulting in work that is truly new and unique.


Examples of Stock Art Usage

(please note these examples do not contain real stock art. The work featured here was created by a Minted employee specifically for this FAQ).


Example: Unacceptable Stock Art Usage


This is an example of unacceptable stock image usage. In this case it is clear that the stock art was not used in an imaginative new way, it was simply used ‘as is’ with text and a photo added. Per Minted’s new terms and conditions we would not accept this use of stock image.


Example: Acceptable Stock Art Usage


This is an example of acceptable stock image usage. In this case it is clear that the stock art was incorporated as one of many pieces, with a key ‘new idea’ added that many cities would be shown on stamps. This was a new idea in and of itself, using the stock art in a unique way to create a new piece of art.  Per Minted’s new Terms and Conditions we would accept this use of stock image.







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