If a writer produces copy specifically for one of my existing designs for sale on Minted, how will the final card be created? Am I eligible for a prize?


That depends! If a writer writes copy for your existing design, we will reach out to you via email to ask whether you’re interested in creating the final design. If you decide that you’d like to do so, this will be considered a repurpose of your design, so you will not receive a second prize payment unless the Challenge that your design first won in offered a lower amount for an Editors’ Pick. For example, if a design was selected as an Editors’ Pick in a Save the Date Challenge, the prize payment would have been $150. If we repurpose it as a Greeting Card where the prize payment for an Editors’ Pick is $200, we will offer an additional $50 for the repurpose. If the repurposed category offers the same prize payment for an Editors’ Pick, there will be no additional prize payment. 

If you don’t wish to create the complete design, that’s perfectly fine. In that case, we will have an in-house designer create the piece. Whether or not you choose to create the final design for the greeting card, you will, of course, receive ongoing commission payments on the sales of the greeting card using your design.  

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