As a writer, can I use classic phrases/song lyrics/famous quotes in my copy?


Writers participating in the Better Together Greeting Card Challenge must submit completely original work, preferably with a length of eight words or longer. Since we prefer winning entries to be copyrightable, we will not accept any copy that is available in the public domain or copied from elsewhere for Part I of the Challenge. This includes generic phrases, song lyrics, and famous quotes, as well as any other material that has already been copyrighted, trademarked, or is publicly available.

During Part II of the Challenge, Minted will provide generic copy that designers can use to create complete designs for some occasions, such as “Happy Birthday!” and “Congrats to the New Grad!”. Since we’ll have these generic phrases available already, we are looking to you, our creative community, to submit fresh, original writing—think of what you’d want to send to your own friends or family members, and don’t be afraid to take risks!


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