Can I submit a repurpose to this Challenge? If so, what am I eligible to win?


Absolutely! Rather than submitting your design directly to the Challenge, please use this form to submit your repurpose request within the submission period for Part II of this Challenge.

Repurposes are an excellent way to increase the sales potential of your work by bringing it into a new category. While you will receive the same commission payments on sales of repurposed designs, you will not receive a second prize payment unless the Challenge in which your design first won offered a lower Editors’ Pick prize payment. For example, if a design was selected as an Editors’ Pick in a Save the Date Challenge, the prize payment would have been $150. If we repurpose it as a Greeting Card where the prize payment for an Editors’ Pick is $200, we will offer an additional $50 for the repurpose. If the repurposed category offers the same prize payment for an Editors’ Pick, there will be no additional prize payment.

You can reference the breakdown of the prize payment amount in the submission kit for each individual Challenge. While these differences do apply to prize payments for repurposes, your commission payments for the repurposed design will be the same.

Not sure if your design is a repurpose? Check out this FAQ article for tips on how to decide.

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