PAYMENT SCHEDULE - Commissioned Original Art Program


There are two types of payments customers make in the Commissioned Original Art program: upfront payments and final payments, which each represent 50% of the project total, less Minted’s 20% fee, subject to our Terms & Conditions. These payments are paid by Minted to artists via our monthly payments process.

Some artists asked us if we could get upfront payments to them faster to help cover their upfront materials costs. We are pleased to report that we will get upfront payments to you much faster in many cases. Although our Terms & Conditions still state that we will pay the upfront payment no later than 30 days after the month that Minted received payment, our new process will get upfront payments to you much faster - up to 1 month faster, in many cases. We have updated our payments FAQ to reflect this new timing.


Customer pays Minted when

Payments received by Minted by

Will be paid to artists by

Upfront Payment

Customer and artist agree on the project

20th of the month

End of the same month

Final Payment

Artist ships the final product

End of the month

End of the following month

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