PROGRAM OVERVIEW - Commissioned Original Art



Please note that we are in the initial conceptualization phase (BETA), and these details are subject to change.


* To help customers create a starting point for their request, customers will either select a piece of the artist's existing artwork on Minted or a piece that the artist uploaded via their intake form.

* The customer will provide details, such as the size and changes they would like.

* When a customer places a commissioned art request for a particular artist, Minted will email the artist directly. Artists can communicate with the customer through Minted's platform.

* Artists will be able to decline a request if they wish.


Artists will be able to set their own price (Minted will only determine a minimum price to protect artists from a "race to the bottom"). This price must include insured shipping to the customer.


Different from the current commission payment, with Minted Commissioned Art (BETA), artists earn the full retail price they set, minus Minted's commission of 20%.


Note that even if you opt in to the Commissioned Art (BETA) program and are willing to be among those artists designated on our site as accepting commission requests, you have the right to refuse any and all commission requests. We encourage you to set a price by which you're willing to accept commissions. We have pre-written a polite decline message that makes it easier for you to decline projects without awkwardness.


* For the initial "testing" (BETA) period of art commissions, through the end of 2016, artists will receive 80% of their total commissioned art sales.

* There will be no listing fee.

* We will collect at least 50% of the payment from the customer upfront, to ensure confidence on both sides.


* Artists will ship their work directly to customers, and will be able to set an average time to produce commissioned work on their commissioned art landing page (example: three to four weeks), so customers know going into the request.

* You do not need to frame the work before shipping it if you do not already do this as an artist; you may simply designate the work as unframed.

* We ask that for original works valued at over $500, you send a weekly progress report (quick message including photo of the work) to the customer.

Beta period

  1. Who is invited to join this program?
    1. All artists who have at least one Challenge win are invited to participate. If you have not already activated your Artist Store, that is a requirement of joining this program.
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