What is an artist type?


Minted artists may identify as one of four artist types:

  • Artist
  • Designer
  • Photographer
  • Writer

If you don’t select an artist type, your profile defaults to “Artist.”


Here’s how to change your artist type: Within your Artist Dashboard, click the MY PROFILE button. Then click Edit Your Designer Profile. Within Basic Info, you will see Artist Type. From there, select from the dropdown menu containing the four artist type options. Once you’ve selected your artist type, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Submit” button.

The artist type appears only in Minted Artist Store banners. This means that, at this time, the only artists whose artist types will appear on the site are those who have won at least one Minted challenge. Artists’ Minted Designer profiles will redirect to /creative/artistname. For example, the Design Lotus Designer profile URL will still exist at http://www.minted.com/designer/designlotus but will redirect to  http://www.minted.com/creative/designlotus.

New artists who enter challenges and have not won yet will not see their artist type reflected anywhere on the site. Once an artist wins a challenge, his or her artist type will appear on their Minted Artist Store. Read more about Artist Stores here.

For a bit of background and perspective about artist types, when Minted launched in 2008, the community consisted largely of designers, and therefore, we referred to them as “Minted designers.” As Minted has grown as a company and expanded into new product categories, including Art and Home, our community has grown to encompass more than just designers. In recent years, we’ve used the term “Minted Artist community” in a number of our communications, and in January 2017, we updated the minted.com interface to incorporate the overarching term “artist” instead of “designer.”



Why do you use the overarching term “artists” to describe all of the creatives in the Minted community?

“Minted artists” is the overarching term we use to describe our entire community of independent designers, photographers, fine artists, and writers. For example, if you consider yourself a designer, you can identify yourself as a designer in your profile — and when it comes to general terms for marketing purposes, Minted will often refer to you as a “Minted artist.”


What if I am more than just one type of artist?

We know that many Minted artists are multi-talented and don't consider themselves to be just a single type of artist. However, in order to provide a simple and clearly understandable experience for consumers on Minted, our system allows artists to select only one artist type.  


Why did Minted add “writers” as an option?

We have some community members who self-identify as writers. We included this option both to be inclusive and because we might have opportunities for writers to participate in Minted in the future.


If you have any more questions, please email artists@minted.com

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